This congress will rightfully called chaos. Streaming was wobbly on the first two days, the rC3 World had some “minor” (major) bugs making it quite hard to get to the point of liking it. Further: at least one quite questionable talk (Niko Paech) and this strange video conferencing tiredness on my behalf.

But: one can enjoy this experience nevertheless. It is different sharing no physical space, yet I am currently lounging in the home of the backdoor collective listening to Space Runner from Machtdose Podcast. Not sure if this will be the congress of the future (re current + coming pandemic; travel restrictions due to climate change, etc.) … anyhow, there is interesting input to gather.

Talks, I planned or did listen to …

Better Justification for the Web - Johannes Ammon

Concise overview over the state of text justification in web browsers: it is quite bad. But Johannes has some ideas and gives an outlook to CSS4 which will hopefully allow for better and more beautiful text justification. Sources

This Is Not A Game (de)

Q-Anon, LARP, Corona, 4chan - … will continue later; unmastered recording is not good.

Mit OSINT gegen Corona-Schwurbler

Big tech’s 100bn € delusion with self-driving cars

"As other phantasies of big tech, the autonomous car belongs in a child's bedroom." 


A nice wrap up of how autonomous driving will contribute to locking us in unsustainable mobility. The car itself is the problem, not the driver. The path to relatively small gains, e.g. by freeing up commute time or increased safety (only 1/3 of situations could be handled better by an AI car), will lead us to more traffic, more cars and more ressource consumption.

Alexa, who else is listening?

Background talk for the Strg+F piece on Alexa. The mini documentary is supposedly (I heard) a bit superficial; same goes for the talk, I’d say. I wouldn’t necessarily agree with the assumption on the high usefulness of smart speakers, which is stated.

Nachrichten aus dem Coroninchenbau

Wie Nerds überleben, wenn down ist

The intro made me a bit anxious to hear a prepper talk, but it seems to be going to the direction of “Katastrophenvorsorge”.

LightKultur in Deutschland

Tut mal kurz weh – Neues aus der Gesundheits-IT

Spiele lieber dezentral

Hacking Google Maps

Ah yes, the ol’ razzle dazzle. The talk is more of a video performance discussing maps and their societal functions interweaving with the digital realm. Quite entertaining.

Holt euch Personalausweise ohne Fingerabdrücke – solange es geht

DevOps Disasters 3.1 (De)

What not to do in DevOps… it’s hard to keep a talk about hours and days of frustration with software light and nimble - as seen here. Apart from that, an interesting ‘lessons learned’ (and a rant against Docker).

Conversation with Bruce Schneier

Tox CryptoParty - Install a Tox Client and have some fun with it

Client for Android: TRIfA - F-Droid; some general info: qtox; currently serverless → no offline messages; no sync between devices (alpha and beta version fixing this in the works)

Watching the Watchers - How Surveillance Companies track you using Mobile Networks

Smartphones und linke Protestkultur - ein Widerspruch?