Easterhegg and CLT are approaching, yet I did not write about 35C3. A small recap from a distance.

A friend of mine told a friend of hers about my whereabouts during the post-christmas and pre-new-years time. Her friend replied, given the brief details: “This does not sound like a conference at all. This is a festival!” And well, I guess she is absolutely right.

The Chaos Communication Congress is scarcely maintained in the conference format by some rules and the German winter (take away the winter and you’d have full blown festival). Colorful people from all walks of life, stupid-awesome ideas and projects everywhere, concentrated work, artistic expression, technological, social, ecological, _insert cause here_ projects from all over Germany and the world - 35C3 is really a big caleidoscope of human progress. Especially in the evening hours, the once chilled out atmosphere explodes into pure life. People eating, chatting, meditating, coding, drinking, dancing, listening, fooling around - all this and much more in a welcoming atmosphere.

To add a little gravitas to my fanboying, I will list some interesting talks I watched:

This is only a small subset of my “needs to be watched” list of 35C3 talks, feel free to wander around the archive and put Youtube/Netflix on the bench for a couple of days or weeks.