Best Of Bash 2


The second installment of nice bash-y things.

A bit lewd, yet simple and useful - check your IP, location and ISP in bash.

curl 2>&1 | grep -E 'YourFuckingLocation|YourFuckingIPAddress|YourFuckingISP'


wget -O - 2>&1 | grep -E 'YourFuckingLocation|YourFuckingIPAddress|YourFuckingISP'`

Javier López wrote a good tool for people which have the need to connect to a DLNA server without much fuzz. So, to search for something on the DLNA server which has ‘Gravity’ in its name, just type:

./ -v Gravity

Need to contain software like Firefox or Skype? Try firejail. Thanks to pre-made configs, using it can be as simple as:

firejail skypeforlinux